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Proton Sr. Ski

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The Proton Senior Ski is OSBE's signature model and has been engineered to meet the needs of serious athletes. This hard-ear helmet offers a high-impact resistant shell and comes in six different colors, including the bold "metal red." The integrated, removable visor provides enhanced performance on the slopes while the goggle strap on the back of the helmet allows the wearer to use goggles when needed.

Each OSBE helmet is equipped with a Direct Air Flux (DAF) ventilation system, which regulates temperature inside the shell. A removable and washable plush inner lining is provided to ensure comfort and proper air circulation and a foam seal offers additional nose and face protection for the user. The Proton Senior also comes in a soft-ear model called the "Proton Senior Snow" and a children's edition called the "Proton Jr."

All helmets meet EN 1077 safety certifications and are made in Italy.

The Proton Sr. Ski Includes:

  • MULTI-IMPACT RESISTANT SHELL made of high thermoplastic resin with impact-resistant painting
  • ROSE VISOR WITH MIRRORED FLASH which provides UV400 protection and enhanced peripheral vision
  • MICROMETRIC BUCKLE for quick and easy chinstrap release, readily adjustable even when wearing gloves
  • GOGGLE STRAP HOLDER on the back to keep the goggles in place when not utilizing the unique visor
  • HELMET BAG with each new helmet purchase


Additional Accessory:

  • EASY TALK (audio accessory for music and mobile communication sold separatley)



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  1. Incredibly Clear

    Posted by FAY on 5th Feb 2018

    WOW! I just finishing skiing at Jackson Hole, WY. It was my best experience in skiing. The helmet made the difference. I wear prescription glasses. In the past, I purchased goggles. They did not work. The goggles always fogged. I could not purchase goggles that were effective. Last year, my ski instructor showed me the helmet he was wearing. I tried his helmet and loved it. The helmet and visor works great with my prescription glasses. In wearing the helmet, my view was expansive and clear. One of my great purchase for skiing.

  2. Feel and looks great

    Posted by Sebastian on 24th Dec 2016

    I just try it and it feel awesome. Can't wait to take it to the hills. Will update later after I use it during skiing:)

  3. Finally, I can see!

    Posted by Fred on 26th Nov 2014

    I bought this during the summer after reading about it. Since my eyes decided that they didn't like contacts any more, I've had difficultly seeing; I've tried every available goggle and anti-fog - I've even used antiperspirant on my forehead. Most recently, my glasses were treated with factory anti-fog. I used the helmet a week ago skiing in Vermont and I could see perfectly. The day included sun, deep cloud and snow; I could see through all of it. At any hint of fogging I just lifted the shield a bit; but never needed to while skiing. I don't know how much credit to give to the helmet versus the anti-fog, but I'm not giving up either.

  4. Best helmet ever.

    Posted by Bill Brown of Bend, OR on 2nd Mar 2014

    Finally a smart helmet. We don't wear goggles when we motorcycle. My hemet in the AF had two shields, not goggles. This is so smart. I ski Mt Bachelor all the time and the shield stays clear in all sorts of weather. The visibility is unreal.

  5. Wish I had done this years ago

    Posted by Frontface on 4th Mar 2012

    I stumbled across the OSBE helmet and wish that I had found it years ago! What a great concept. Good fit, nice and warm, 180 degrees of vision, no problem with fogging. I priced a helmet and goggles separately and they were a lot more than the OSBE. One negative; I got tired of answering questions from everyone on the chairlift each time I stood in line or rode a lift at Sugarloaf!

  6. Great for Those who Wear Glasses; Otherwise Maybe not worth the money

    Posted by SkiBumWanneBe on 23rd Feb 2012

    I have been struggling for years skiing with a complicated glasses prescription. Due to very bad astigmatism, I cannot find any contact lenses that work well. So, I am stuck with glasses.

    So, for years I have tried the over-the-glasses ski goggles. Those have their own share of problems. The major problems being that it's hard to find a good fit over my glasses frames, and they tend to pull my glasses frames off my face when I lift the goggle off. Also, OTG goggles restrict your field of vision somewhat.

    Before this year's ski trip, I found the OSBE Proton Sr. helmet in a local ski shop and tried it on. I instantly liked the way it felt, and decided to take the financial risk not knowing how it would perform in actual snowy/cold skiing conditions. I am glad I did.

    Overall, for glasses wearers, I highly recommend this helmet!! If you don't wear glasses, I think traditional goggles can still be a better solution in many cases. There is nothing I "hate" about the OSBE Proton helmet. There are many things I love about it and a few items that are only a minor annoyance, as follows:

    Here is what I love about it:

    * It fits great over my glasses frames; never any fit problems.

    * It provides nearly 100% of my regular every-day field of view (as compared to goggles which greatly reduce your peripheral vision). This is great in order to have a better idea of what's going on around you in terms of other skiers on the hill, etc.

    * It comes with two lenses - one dark and one yellow. Thus, you have a lens for every situation.

    * The strap is high quality and comfortable.

    * The helmet is comfortable and works great for my "glasses situation" all things considered.

    * It is very easy to flip it up when you need the lens off your eyes; very easy with or without gloves.

    * It looks cool, I think.

    Here is what I think are only minor annoyances:

    * On cold, wet days, it can fog up if you stop moving. However, as soon as you start moving again and get air flowing, it clears up instantly...just a minor, very temporary annoyance.

    * Obviously, it does not protect your eyes as well as regular goggles. So, you might experience a little watery eyes as air flow under at higher speeds. However, I did not find this to be a major issue at all. I am middle-aged and my skiing speed has declined somewhat too.

    * Changing the lenses is pretty easy, but be sure to watch out for the small parts that can fall out while changing the lenses. You'll need to reinstall those small parts for the replacement lens to attach properly.

    In summary, if you are a glasses wearer who has struggled to find a good long-term solution to covering your eyes while skiing, this helmet is an EXCELLENT SOLUTION. For those glasses wearers, I heartily recommend this helmet. If you do not wear glasses, you may or may not need to spend the money on this helmet...just depends on your preferences.

    Good luck!

  7. The Best Ever

    Posted by Michele on 27th Jan 2012

    I love my new Osbe Proton helmet! I no longer have to wear a hat under my helmet to stay warm...also no more goggles putting pressure on my cheekbones. I can seal up under the visor by pulling a gaiter up over my lower face and nose during really cold conditions. Fogging is not a problem while moving on a lift or skiing. When stopped, I can either pull the gaiter down a bit or flip the visor up a bit to stay fog-free. My visual field is wide open, which is much nicer than wearing goggles. Not only does it work great (and accommodate glasses) it also looks great :) I've gotten lots of compliments on my new helmet!

  8. Absolutely the best solution for a helmet

    Posted by gary - Castle Rock Co on 23rd Dec 2011

    Even if you do not wear prescription glasses this is the helmet for you. Lightweight, warm and with a "nofog" wipe - worry free skiing.
    In the 30 years I've been skiing, I have purchased at least a 1/2 dozen googles that never fit over glasses.
    The visor provides a wider field of vision than a google...again I couldn't be happier.

  9. Finally, a better mousetrap!

    Posted by dif on 5th Apr 2011

    Well,actually a better helmet. I just returned from 6 days of skiing in Idaho, with every weather condition imaginable: white-outs, overcast sky, bright sun, rain, snow, sleet, 75mph wind gusts. the Osbe helmet provided great protection and vision in all of these conditions. No longer a need for goggles or sunglasses, and, just about every skier with whom I shared a lift commented on the "cool-ness" of the helmt. What else could one ask for?

  10. Great Helmet - but ...

    Posted by Gary Archambault on 27th Jan 2011

    I bought this helmet with hopes of ending the prescription eye glass fog-up while snowboarding. While this does a much better job than anything else I've tried, I still get some fogging when stopping after a tough run. A simple flip of the visor and my glasses clear pretty quick.

    If I did a better job of managing my body temperature, I'm sure I would be fog free with this helmet/visor combination.

    The best part of this helmet is the outstanding field of vision the visor offers over goggles. The helmet is also very comfortable.

    I would definitely recommend this helmet to anyone who rides (or skis)and wears prescription glasses. It's expensive, but worth every buck.

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