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Replacement Visor for our Bellagio Collection.

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Height 6.00
Depth 6.00
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bellagio helmet

The Bellagio helmet is amazing! we bought years ago from a dealer, both my husband and I. This was out first helmet ever. My husband had struggled with goggles fitting over his glasses with a hat for years. I had just gotten glasses and was thoroughly annoyed with having to wear them all the time, and especially while trying to workout or ski or bike with a full face helmet on. we had tried reputable brands like oakley over the glasses goggles and still could not be comfortable, and they certainly we not easy to use. At first we treid the proton osbe helmet, but the straight up and down path of the sliding visor was still getting hung up on the glasses. the BELLAGIO on the other hand is AMAZING! the in/out motion over the eye/glasses before and after going up and down is perfect for glasses wearing faces, as moves without interferance. while down the goggle visor works great, if the helmet fits the foam sits on the cheeks and wind does not ride up and in. after 3 years we just bought a replacement visor and switched it out on my husbands helmet, and he is very happy we were able to do that. the customer service I got when I called and ordered the replacement was again AMAZING! I love this company and these helmets and hope I can buy new ones in another two years to keep us safe warm and seeing clearly! I get a lot of questions about my helmet on every mountain I ski and I recommend it to everyone :)
Posted by angela tucker, 13th Jan 2020